Memability - Hierarchical Notepad for AndroidMemability is a note and project organizer focused on fast and easy creation and management of hierarchical multi-level notes aka outliner. You can syncronize your notes between multiple Android devices and access from PC using your Google account via Memability Cloud.

Have you ever struggled trying to organize your notes, ideas and projects, give them proper structure using conventional notes application?
Have you ever wished you could organize your notes, ideas and projects the way you organize files and folders on your computer?
If you have, suffer no longer. Memability is the outliner app you were looking for.

With Memability you can find a proper place for every note you take.
Remembered, that you need to buy something in weekend shopping? Put a note into “Personal notes” > “Shopping list” > “Weekend”.
Have a project idea? Put it into “Work notes” > “Projects” > “Ideas”. Keep your diary in “Personal notes” > “Diary” or simple in “Diary”. Organize and re-organize your notes, ideas and projects as it’s convenient for you.
Don’t limit your imagination with other note organizers – Break free with Memability – the best note outliner app for Android!

With Memability you CAN:

  • Save and develop your ideas, notes and projects in tree-like notepad hierarchies
  • Organize your Tasks, Shopping and To-do lists
  • Access your projects, notes and ideas anywhere anytime
  • Use it as a diary
  • Outline and keep track your projects and goals
  • Find your own, unique ways of using Memability.
  • Easily share your notes using email or any other supported service (like Dropbox for example)

We use Memeability ourselves to capture project ideas, plan our activities and increase productivity.

Memability HAS:

  • Integration with Memability Cloud and sync between multiple devices
  • Simple, intuitive, yet powerful user interface based on Drag and Drop
  • Optimized for the best user experience
  • Beautiful and authentic design
  • Unlimited notes and notepad hierarchy (tree) support

Our users:

  • Businessmen
  • Project managers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Scientists

Anyone who has to deal with large amount of information uses our outliner.

Look at our ratings – all those creative and smart people love Memability.
Try it yourself and you will understand why.

More details on what you can do with Memability:

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38 comments on “Overview
  1. Ludo says:

    I suggest you a little display bug, but it can be quite important if (It’s my case) we use intensively Memability on PC and if we want an other police of our choice displayed.

    With the polices substitution option, the icons “Confirm”, “Cancel”, “Edit Note, “Remove Note”, “Protect Note”, and also the Cloud symbol (at the upper left corner), and the upper right icon (Synchronize, Unlock Notes, Settings, Sign Out) disappears in Internet Explorer, displayed with number of code in Firefox, and for Google Chrome, I didn’t success in police substitution.

    Is it possible to transform those specials characters (used for icons) to images in the web-app version of Memability ? Thanks a lot.

    Thanks a lot for this excellent application (I work with a premium version, and have also quite 450 or 500 notes on cloud).

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Ludo,
      Thank you for the feedback and for using our apps.
      Could you, please, send me a screenshot to [email protected]?
      It would help me to resolve this issue faster.
      What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

      Kind Regards,

  2. Robert Paige says:

    I like the similarity to something like OneNote (which provides lots of other functionality as well, and I hope you try to compete on useful points) but the key feature you have is offline capability through the Android app.

    But how secure/stable is your online presence? Can you give details about how/where the data is backed up? Offsite? What if you give up on this project next year; what happens to my data?

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Robert,

      Although Memability Cloud (online service) is a relatively new project, I started Memability (Android app) more then 2 years ago and not going to give it up. There will be a lot more focus in Web Interface in the future, but Memability for Android will not be forgotten. The first thing I want to achieve is to bring Web and Android versions to the same point, so they have similar functionality.

      I am planning to add “search” and “multiple note selection” to Web, then will add “tasks” and “calendar events” support to both Web and Android, then “text formatting” and so on.

      I am not going to shut down this online service because I am going to commercialise it in the future. There will be some free features and some features available by subscription. All currently existing Web functionality (plus some new features) will remain free.

      Data is backed up every hour. Backups are encrypted and stored on Amazon S3. Memability Cloud stores every action (like note create / update) therefore it is technically possible to return back to any point in time for any individual user.

      Also, it is already possible to export notes from Memability app into html format (see http://datasymphony.com.au/2014/12/how-to-backup-without-backup-option). Similar functionality will be added to Memability Web in the near future.

      And yes, I use Memability and Memability Cloud myself. I use it a lot and not going to stop.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Michael Williams says:


    I see mention of “backup” on this site but not on the Android app.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Michael,
      Backup has been removed from the app in the latest version.
      However, there are two options to keep your notes safe.

      1. Use sync to Memability Cloud
      2. Use export / import

      First feature is quite straight forward. I will prepare a short article about the second one.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Neil says:

    Nice app. I love its tree structure, encryption, sync with Google Tasks, neat design and exporting to HTML.
    I just want to expand 2 or more trees so that I can compare them. Could you add this feature? Thanks for good app.


    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Neil,
      I am currently working on a web service for Memability (it will replace Google Tasks soon).
      This service will allow users to access their notes using browser. I am thinking about placing this sort of functionality into that web service.
      Later on, it may also be implemented in Memability for tablets. However, I don’t think that we could fit more then one tree into a phone screen.


  5. Colin says:

    I am having password problems maybe due to innacurate typing. It would be great to have a confirm password field when a password is set

  6. Majid says:

    Thanks for your response
    My point is that:
    when i copy selected text from Share functionality of an app to Memability,it automatically goes to the FIRST category that i made-in my case (home/wikipedia) .It seems there is no option to choose a category and direct the copied text to OTHER premade categories-in my case(home/literature)or subcategories(home/literature/poetry) and i have to close the app that i copied text from and go to Memability,add a category,name it,long-press on the opened note pannel to paste the text in. Sorry to talk your head off.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      I see what you mean.
      There can be two options to resolve a problem like this (not implemented yet).

      1. Add a setting, so you can specify where all your imported notes go.
      2. Every time you import a note, show a dialog that would let you choose where your note will go.

      The first option is a lot easier to implement. Would it suit you?


      • Majid says:

        Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions

        Yes,that is what i need and off course i wonder if it is possible to take these features into account in later versions:

        1.Optimizing Tree View functionality to see all nodes – categories and sub-categories – in one panel.

        2.Allowing the main categories to be expanded and colapsed.

        3.Adding a Downwards Arrow icon to all the main categories.

        3.Removing Character limit.

        • Andrey Chausenko says:

          Dear Majid,
          Here are my answers:

          Regarding UI and tree structure changes – we are not going to change it in the nearest 2-3 updates. Later – may be.

          Regarding Character limit – yes we will make it much higher than it is now. Probably more than 1Mb – I can’t give you the exact number right now.

          Kind Regards,

          • Majid says:

            I appreciate your consideration of my requests.
            I’m allreday enjoying using your app and i MUST thank you for that.

  7. Majid says:

    My sincere ever-increasing appreciation shared by all Memability users goes to you and your respectable team.
    Would you add the a POP-UP WRITE/CHOOSE A CATEGORY OPTION on the opening of the app to copy selected text to its proper category?

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Majid,
      Thank you for all your kind words.

      Could you, please, explain in more details (ideally, step by step) what do you mean by this feature and how you are going to use it?
      Do you mean that the text that you copied from some other app, will automatically be copied into a new note when Memability starts?

      Thank you for the feedback and for using Memability.

      Kind Regards,

  8. Carlos Garcia says:

    I’m trying this app and I find some difficulty to use.
    For example, how I can move a note between different levels?
    With drag and drop I can move the note but only in the same level up and down.

    Thank you very much,

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Carlos,
      Thank you for using Memability.
      The whole process of moving notes is described here http://datasymphony.com.au/2013/09/moving-a-note/
      Essentially, you need to long-press on a note you want to move, to enter selection mode. Then you can select as many notes as you like. After that, navigate to where you want to move notes and press on the button with “pocket” icon. Then select whether to Copy or Move the notes.

      Kind Regards,

  9. Leo A says:

    For anyone looking for an alternative to Google play, I found the app on appitalism..

  10. Bradley says:

    Hi- this looks like a very useful program- the ability to outline and sort tasks is what I needed.

    I would be interested in purchasing the premium version but I can not find it on google play or on your website, looking at data symphony, memability, and Hierachical Note Tree Note Pad… please advise, I must be missing something obvious?

    Nice program!

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Bradley,
      Thank you for using Memability.
      You can purchase Premium status right from the app.
      Just go to Settings page and at the very top you should see a green item.
      Press on it and make a purchase. Once done, your app will become a Premium one. No downloads or any additional steps requited.
      If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  11. Roger Flint says:

    Hi Andrey,
    I have been using Jot+ Notes on windows for quite a few years and have been searching for a similarly hierarchical application for Android surprisingly to no avail .. until I came across your Memability! This looks like a great app and just what I have been looking for 🙂

    One question. I am running version 0.9.6 in a Galaxy S2. How do you access the import/export function mentioned on your web page? I would like to import my Jot+ Notes data.


    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Roger,
      Memability offers two options for importing notes at the moment:

      1. You can import one note by one by putting them in text files (each note in a separate file)
      and then sending them as attachments via email or using Dropbox or some similar service.
      Then on your Android device you can import those files (one by one) into Memability (just tap on the file you want to import).
      This option suits better if you have small number of relatively long notes.

      2. You can import notes using Google Tasks. For this you need to link your Memability to a Google account
      and make sure it synchronised all the notes correctly. Then you can open Google Tasks window
      from GMail in the browser and copy your notes to Google Tasks. Once it’s done, all you need to do is to
      go to Memability and select “Refresh” option from the menu. All notes created in Google Tasks will be
      automatically synchronised to Memabiity. The whole process is shown in Memability promo video on Google Play Store.

      I understand, that both methods involve quite a lot of manual operations but these are all what Memability offers at the moment.
      I received many requests for multiple notes import functionality and it will be implemented soon.
      It will either support XML format or JSON or may be both. What format does Jot+ Notes export notes in?

      Thank you for using Memability and for your feedback.


  12. Andrey Chausenko says:

    Hi Fabien,
    I glad you like the latest update.
    Regarding the Google Tasks account limitation, you are right. At the moment it’s only possible to sync with one account at the time and all your notes will be synced to that account.
    I was thinking about implementing multi-account support, which would solve this issue. However, I needed to see how Google Tasks sync works in its simplest form, analyse how people use it and so on.
    Regarding date/time of a note, it currently shows “update date” of a note, not “create date”. Also, Google Tasks changes this “update date” sometimes when it needs to re-calculate position of a note. Actually, Google Tasks has limited support of data/time fields. I guess, this is the cause of the issue.

    Anyways, the next release should bring you sort/search capability and probably the ads (have not decided yet).


    • Fabien says:

      Hi Andrey,
      what do you mean by “the ads”?


      • Andrey Chausenko says:

        Hi Fabien,
        Once Memability is stable enough and feature-reach, it will get into the “production stage” which means, we will start adding “premium features”, available for some insignificant price and showing advertising banners (will try to make it non-intrusive and keep the user experience on the high level). All the features, available at the moment plus some extra (like sorting, search, task support etc) will always be free.


  13. Fabien says:

    Hi Andrey,

    the last update is really great! Thanks for that, it is indeed very useful to be able to synchronize with Google Tasks. However, I don’t really see how one can collaborate on notes through Google Tasks. You said in a previous post that collaboration would be possible but would need the creation of a dedicated Google account to be shared with collaborators. This is an acceptable solution for me. But as I see it now, I cannot synchronize only selected notes and sub-notes with Google Tasks but only all of my notes at once, which is not very convenient for collaboration 🙂 Also, it seems I cannot change “Google Tasks account” in the settings if I want to synchronize with more than one account.
    One minor problem also is that it seems that the creation date/time for all notes is always reset to the last sync date/time. This might be a problem later on if you want to implement filtering by date.
    Little problem with the font of the title “Settings” that sometimes shows up blue, not white as intended.

    Otherwise, this is all great! Memability is getting better and better and still very intuitive with fantastic design.


  14. ralph says:

    Hi Andrey,
    I know what you mean.
    Well, I have just created several folders and sub-folders underneath, some with notes and some without. You may have to activate the hierarchical folder structure in N.E. however, I believe it was disabled by default (probably in order not to irritate most users), so N.E. does in fact have this hierarchy. Please have a look.
    And its search function is rather unique as well: It will not only show the matching notes, but also an excerpt where it matched first, and then, inside the note, you can jump between search string matches using simple arrow keys!

    But I must say that I like your idea of using both tabs (horizontally) AND folders (in the list) for categories, which is nicer to handle than just plain folders and sub-folders. Unfortunately I can’t even try out your app 😉

  15. ralph says:

    Thanks Andrey,

    I’ve found a very nice alternative in the meantime:
    It’s called “Note Everything”, a free and also ad-free solution that covers (almost) all my needs, and runs on the majority of Android versions.
    Maybe this is a good example to start from.

    Anyway, good luck!

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Ralph,
      I know what you mean. There is a lot of note apps out there. If what you are looking for, is a note taking app with the flat notes structure (notepad or folder on the top level and then plain list of notes underneath), then “Note Everything” will do. As well as hundreds of other apps.

      Memablity, however, is focused on hierarchical notes with unlimited hierarchy support and it has no real alternative in this area. Basically, this is the reason why we started this project.


  16. ralph says:

    Any chance to make this run under Android 2.X?
    All my friends, without exception, have phones running Android with max. version 2.3.x, some still 2.2.x!
    Another thing:
    Does this one have a usable search function, i.e. showing matching notes while searching with the first match occurence, and when opening a note, am I able to find the positions where the search string matches?
    It seems like this obvious function that even good ol’ Windows Notepad has, is very rare among the so-called “notepads”.
    And if you want to do something really great, add optional regular expression search. There are open-source solutions for all of the above, btw, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
    I’m asking this because, please excuse me, I’m actually *really* writing notes with my android phone, sometimes quite long ones that I just have to be able to search.

    Best regards

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Ralph,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Like I described in my comment above, “search feature” is the next thing we are going to focus on.

      Unfortunately, I cannot promise support of Android below 4.0 any time soon. Because of our very limited resources, we have to balance carefully every time we decide what to work on. I realise, that about 65% of Android users still use Android 2.x, but because earlier versions of Android lack some basics that we use in Memability, supporting them would be a major distraction from improving Memability and adding new functionality (like search for example) to it.

      At the moment, the main goal for us is to make Memability as complete and feature reach as possible, and, if by that time there’s still a significant number of Android 2.x users out there, then we will implement this support.

      Kind Regards,

  17. Fabien says:


    I was thinking it could be great to have an option to reorganize sub-notes by alphabetical order, creation date or user choice. It would help to find items stored for use in shopping lists for insance 🙂 Maybe a Search tool could help as well.



    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Fabien,
      Thank you for the post.
      I agree that it’s highly important to provide users with the first-class note discovery tool, especially now, when some users have hundreds of notes. I am thinking about implementing some sort of search and filter combination view that will also support sorting.
      However, first, we have to finish and release the next version of Memability (0.9.6) that will introduce Google Task integration. I believe it’s extremely useful as it enables easy synchronisation between multiple devices running Memability (or any other application supporting Google Tasks) and allows easy access from the desktop PC (using Google Calendar).
      For example, while browsing the Web or reading your email on PC you may want to capture some little piece of textual information (like address, phone number, a web link or some code snippet). You may capture it using Google Calendar (Tasks panel). Then, when you are on the go and using Memability on your phone or tablet, this information becomes automatically available. Say, you opened that link and read that article and while reading it, got some brilliant ideas, which, of course, captured using Memability (probably put it under the original note in the hierarchy or just into the same note). So, using combination of Memability and Google Tasks, you can keep your thoughts flow uninterrupted no matter where you are and what device you are using. You have all your information at your fingertips.
      This feature is almost ready, just need to fix some odd behaviour in some complex scenario.

      P.S. I understand, that Google Tasks is not the perfect tool for capturing and editing notes (its panel is too narrow and doesn’t allow navigation by hierarchy (like Memability does) however, it has some advantages too. Main advantage is that everyone who uses Android has also a Google account (which means Calendar too). Also, many users already familiar with Google Tasks, and thus, there will be no learning process for them (or question wether to trust it or not).
      I think, for now, Google Tasks will do. Later, if everything goes well, we will create our own service that will suit our needs better.


      • Fabien says:

        All this sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to try all those new features soon. Thanks for the great work and good luck with the debugging!

  18. Fabien says:

    Best note app I’ve tried so far. Clean and simple + nice design. I love it. It’s great to be able to share links to websites, pictures from Dropbox, locations on map… What’s missing most to me is the ability to include direct links to pictures (from the phone photo library) as well as vocal memos in a note. Another great missing feature is the ability to share notes (and all their sub-/child-notes) with other memability users or even better, to create collaborative notes!!! For instance, if you have a shopping list note organized with sub-notes (as items) as shown in the trailer video, it would be fantastic to be able to share it with your companion so that both know what is missing in the fridge. Please make this possible!!! I’m hopeful ! 🙂

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Fabien,
      Thank you for the feedback. It’s very encouraging to know that my app is being used 🙂 and there are people interested in making it better.

      As for you request, I will try to push “direct photo/audio linking” feature into the next release (which will happen in about 2 weeks) if it’s not too hard to implement. However, this would only be a link to the local resource. If you share this note or send it to someone, the link will be broken (it will be pointing to your local recourse, which will not be accessible from another device).

      As for note sharing, right now, it’s possible to share a single note (it can be sent via email or Dropbox for example) when you receive a note by email, all you need to do is to open attached .txt file and then “Share” it to Memability. Same approach should work with Dropbox. I am planning to implement sharing multiple notes as well (note + all its sub-notes down the hierarchy). However, the primary focus right now is to implement synchronizing with Google Tasks service. This will allow easy synchronization between multiple devices, will give web access to the notes (through Google Calendar) and also, will allow some collaboration (you will need to create a dedicated Google account and share it with your collaborators).

      If you have any other questions or ideas, please let me know 🙂


      • Fabien says:

        Hi Andrey,

        thanks for your reply! All this sounds fantastic! I am looking forward to the next release!
        A coment about the “direct photo/audio feature” you’re planning to implement: to avoid bad surprise when a user sends notes including links to local ressources to other users, a small warning message could pop-up that would say something like that: “You’re trying to send/share a note containing a link to a ressource located on your device. This link will not be forwarded to the recipient of your note. [Send anyway?] [Don’t send]”. And remove the link from the note being sent.
        Like that it is clear locally saved pictures/vocal memos are accessible only on the user’s own device.

        As for synchronizing with Google Task, would this allow the synchronization of notes with their sub-notes? This seems complexe to implement. Maybe in the future you could think of a solution similar to what the guys from http://buymeapie.com did in order to synchronize Memability collaborative notes+sub-notes among several users 🙂 or maybe using Dropbox collaborative features for that purpose is possible? Those are just ideas, not sure how feasible all this is…
        However with such a feature (“note collaboration”), I believe your app would spread rapidly from user to user who would send collaboration requests to their friends, etc.

        Anyway thank you so much for your work. Memability is really a great app, extremely useful and fun to use 🙂


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