Memability Cloud improvements

Memability Cloud – our Web-based hierarchical notepad service just keeps getting better. It received massive improvement update on 10 March 2015.

The most important and noticeable change – is a note details panel redesign. Instead of displaying a single note as it did before, now it displays the entire sub-hierarchy of the selected note (1). It offers more comfortable information browsing and management, additionally enabling a large set of smaller improvements that I want to describe in more details. Details panel looks very simplistic, displaying sub-hierarchy of notes in bullet-point manner. It designed this way to minimise distraction and let users focus on the data, not the interface.

To see more detailed information about particular note or get access to note-related actions, just move mouse over that note to highlight it. Highlighted note displayed with light blue border (2). On top of the highlighted note you will see information panel and on the bottom – action panel with buttons (2).

New user interface allows alternative navigation method. Previously, the only way to navigate was using tree navigation panel on the left side. Now you can additionally use breadcrumbs panel on top to go up the hierarchy and you can click on a note title to go down the hierarchy (3).  Also, to make it easier to spot notes on both left and right panels, highlighting of the notes is synchronised on both panels (4).


Organising hierarchies, moving notes around has become easier as well. Previously, you could only drag notes within tree navigation panel which was not easy if you had many notes in single parent note. Now you can additionally drag notes from right panel to the left (5). Notes are draggable by icon. The idea is to select sub-hierarchy that you want to drag your note from, then scroll left tree panel to the place you want to move your note to, and finally, perform the drag-and-drop from right to the left panel.


For the secure (protected) notes a unique feature has been developed. Initially, when secure notes are locked, a user can only see titles. After user successfully entered a password and unlocked notes, secure notes text is shown blurred. To see the clear text, a user needs to point a mouse to that note (6). Once mouse pointer is out of the note, the text will be blurred again. This feature helps to keep your notes protected in busy environment, when there are people around. On the other hand it doesn’t make working with protected notes any harder for you.


And finally, creating new notes. Previously, it was hard to create new notes in the middle of the list. You had to create a note at the top of the list, and then move it to the destination position – too hard. Now, you can easily create a new note right where you want it to be. Just select one of the available options (7).


I hope you will love the new Memability Cloud interface.

Looking forward to getting your feedback.

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Security features introduced to Memability Cloud


Memability Cloud – our web service for syncing Memability notes and accessing them through the browser just got better.

Now it supports “protected” notes. It’s the same highly secure end-to-end encryption functionality right in your browser, and it’s FREE for all users!

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How to backup without “backup” option?

Starting from version 1.6.0 Memability has no separate Backup / Restore options. It was removed to simplify applicaiton and make room for new features and enhancements. However it sounds like Memability has lost some functionality, it’s not quite true. There are 2 options available that let you ensure safety of your notes.

Recommended way is to enable sync with Memability Cloud. It will keep your notes constantly backed up on our secure servers. Also, this approach allows syncing between multiple devices and accessing notes from your PC or Mac (through the browser). At the moment, web interface has only basic features for creating and managing notes, but we will keep improving and enhansing it.

If for some reason you don’t want to use previous option, you can use a combination of Export / Import functions for creating local backups.

Warning! In this scenario notes will be stored in plain text format, so anyone who has access to the backup file will be able to read your notes (except protected encrypted notes – they are always safe).

Here is what you can do.
First of all, select notes that you want to export (all sub-notes will be included automatically). To export all notes, go to Home note and select all its sub-notes by pressing and holding Home note for about a second.


Then press Pocket button in right bottom corner and select Share X notes option.


You will be given a chance to select destination application for your notes. Select some application (you may use Google Drive, GMail, Dropbox or similar).


After operation completes you should be able to see file containing your notes. You may leave it where it is or move elsewhere, it’s up to you.


In order to restore notes from the file, just open the application you exported notes to, tap on the file


and select Memability as a destination.


After import completes, notes will appear in /Inbox folder

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How to install and why different versions?

To install specific version of Memability, please make sure that you have option “Unknown sources” enabled on your phone (Settings / Security).

Download apk file on your phone or tablet and execute this file.
If you have newer version of Memability already installed on your phone, you will have to uninsall it first. You cannot simply install older version over newer one.

Our project is in active development phase which means that we make changes to interface, to the way it works or to system requirements of our application.
Sometimes some of the users are not quite happy with the changes we make, they want the old application back. Unfortunatelly, Google Play Store doesn’t allow choosing which version of application to install. It simply offers the latest compatible with your device. To make our users a bit more freedom, we decided to make some key versions of Memability available for download from our site. These versions are:

0.9.9 – This version has old, tab-based user interface. It supports older Android versions (2.3)
1.4.1 – This is the last version of Memability that works on Android 2.3
1.5.4 – This is the last version of Memability that syncs with Google Tasks (instead of Memability Cloud)
1.6.6 – This is the latest released version of Memability

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Memability cloud launched in preview mode



We are inviting you to join testing of our new online service – Memability Cloud

Please, note: it is a preview version only. It’s not fully functional at the moment and may have some glitches and bugs. Any suggestions, questions, ideas and bug reports are welcome.

This service is in active development phase, which means it will be updated daily. Come back more often to see the latest and greatest.

Also, at the moment our Memability for Android doesn’t sync with this service. This integration will be added in the next version of Memability for Android.

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Update, April 2014


A little update about where we are heading.

New version of Memability (1.5.0) will be released in just few days. It has some user interface improvements and, most importantly, dedicated Premium page which offers Free trial and Purchase options for our premium features. We hope it will help you to understand what the premium features are before you bought them.

Also, premium features are now sold separately which will give you more flexibility (there’s still one super-product that includes all features).

Now, this news may upset some of the users, but after careful consideration we decided to stop supporting earlier versions of Android. Starting from Memability 1.5.0 we only support Android 4+ (API 14+). This step is required to simplify and streamline our development and testing processes. Earlier versions of Memability (compatible with Android 2.3) will still be available for download from this site.

Our next step will be to replace Google Tasks with our own online service that will have more suitable interface and will allow us to implement all those features you are asking for: rich text editing, tags, alarm and task completion support, attachments and a lot more.

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Security features

securityIn this digital age the importance of information is hard to overestimate. Security of information, however, is even more important. I could write a long article describing all the bad things that could happen if some dodgy person got to your private information (for example to your notes), but I have more important things to do. Therefore, I will leave it to your imagination and instead, I will explain how Memability with its advanced security features (that have been added in version 1.4) can help you prevent this sort of situation.

What Memability can do to keep you safe?
Once security features are enabled on Settings page (1),

Enabling security features

1 – Enabling security features

Memability will protect your notes by doing 3 things.

1. Ask for a password when Memability starts

This is an optional function and it has to be enabled on Settings page (2) on the screenshot above. When it’s enabled it will ask you to unlock your notes (enter your password) when Memability starts.

Unlock on startup

2 – Unlock on startup

With this feature you can prevent anyone who took your phone from looking into any of your notes. However this feature alone does not guarantee 100% safety of your information. If you lost your phone or it’s stolen, a skilful hacker can extract some useful information from the apps on your phone (including Memability). It will take time and certain knowledge, but it would be possible to read your unprotected notes without even knowing your password. Therefore, we recommend combining this method with the next one

2. Protect your selected notes

This feature works on the note level.

Protect notes

3 – Protect notes

Obviously, not all of your notes need protection. Your shopping list, most probably, will not interest anyone but your credit card or bank details or passwords may. Therefore we recommend only apply this option to the important sensitive information that you don’t want anyone else to read. To protect a note (and all it’s sub-notes)  simply press on a little shield button (1) on the note panel. Once note is protected, it’s marked with little shield icon on the left side (2).

When note is protected, its content stored in encrypted form which no one but a person who knows the password can decrypt (and read). Because we use AES 256 algorithm which was approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information protection, this form of protection is 100% safe. You can rely on it. Internally in our application we don’t store your password for any period of time and we don’t pass it to any other services or applications which makes it impossible for anyone to intercept or read, restore or reset. Including you. If you loose or forget your password – you loose your protected notes. Be careful not to.

When note is protected it stays encrypted all the time no matter whether it’s stored in local database, in your backup or (if you use sync with Google Tasks) on third-party servers.

3. Protect your backups

This feature works silently in the background. You may not even notice it but it’s there. Taking care of your security. When security is enabled, all new backups you make are encrypted too. To indicate that we display the same shield icon (1) next to it.

Secure backup

4 – Secure backup

If icon is there – this backup is secure. If not – you better delete it as it’s a serious security breach. We recommend that you only keep secure backups from now on (the ones that have a little shield icon).

While choosing your security strategy, you may combine both features to get the highest level of protection. Or you may choose second option alone and you will only have to provide the password when accessing your protected notes.

How unlock works

Because Memability doesn’t store your password, while using security functions, you will be asked to unlock your notes. You will be asked to unlock your notes on startup (if you enabled this option in Settings) or when you are trying to access your protected notes or when you are making backups or restoring from a secure backup (remember? backup are secure from now on).

When you asked to unlock notes, you must specify your password and may select a period of time you want to unlock your notes for. For this period of time you will not be asked for your password again.

Unlock period

5 – Unlock period

Try to keep this unlock interval as short as possible. This way you will be safer.

Security tips

  • Choose password wisely. Remember – your protection is as good as your password is. Try to make it meaningful only to you and not obvious. Combine capital and small letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password – the better (we don’t allow passwords shorter than 6 characters). Don’t forget the password.
  • Protect sensitive notes. Every sensitive note has to have a shield icon on the left side.
  • Remove old (unprotected) backups
  • Don’t unlock your notes for longer than it’s required


  • You cannot change your password. At the moment this option is not available – one more reason to think carefully which password to choose
  • You cannot disable security. Once it’s enabled – it’s enabled. You can unprotect all your notes and disable Unlock on Startup option and it will almost be gone, but you will still have to use it when making backups or restoring from a backup.
  • In protected notes only note body (text) is encrypted. Note title is stored as plain text. Please keep your important information in the body. For example, on screenshot 3 above, Accounts is a title of the current note – it’s not encrypted. Everything else is encrypted and not visible.
  • Your protected notes can only be searched by title. Because text of your protected notes is stored in encrypted form, you cannot search using keywords located in encrypted part of a note. You can still search by the note title though.
  • You need to purchase Premium status to be able to use security features.

Well, this is all. Stay safe with Memability and don’t forget your password 🙂

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Memability 1.4.0 preview (Premium unlocked + security features)

securityThis post is obsolete and left here only for reference. All downloads have been removed from the post. To get the security features described herein simply install the latest version of Memability from Google Play Store. For more details on how to use security features, read this article.

We are pleased to share with you new Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version.

It has got new security features and additionally it has Premium Status unlocked until January 31 – for those of you who hasn’t purchased it yet and want to give it a try for FREE.

Security has 2 levels of protection which you can either use separately or combined:

  1. Unlock on startup – gives a moderate protection for all your notes. If you left your phone unattended on your table and someone took it for a few minutes, your notes are safe. However, if you lost your phone, theoretically, a skilful hacker, could be able to get to your notes. Also, if you use sync with Google Tasks and someone gets to your Google account, that person would be able see your notes through Google Tasks Web Interface.
  2. Protect individual notes – gives the highest level of protection (Memability uses AES 256 bit encryption approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information protection) to selected notes. In this case, no matter, what happens to your phone or who gets access to your Google Tasks account, your protected notes are absolutely safe. Just make sure, you don’t forget the password yourself, as it is not stored anywhere and there is no way to restore or reset it. If you loose your password – you loose your notes. Also, at the moment you cannot change the password after initial setup (this feature will be added later). We recommend keeping number of protected notes to a minimum – only protect what really needs protection, because protected notes take more resources to process, for them you cannot see details in the list panel and you can only search for them by title (title of protected note is not encrypted – only body is encrypted). Warning! Please, note that this is a Preview Version and protected notes may not be compatible with later versions. Therefore we recommend to remove protection from all notes before you upgrade from this version to the next one.

To install Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version,

  1. Backup your notes
  2. Download apk file from this page to your Android device
  3. Make sure you have enabled option Security / Unknown Sources in Settings of your device
  4. Run downloaded apk file

Please, note that you can always return to the current Memability version:

  1. Uninstall Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version
  2. Install current version of Memability from Google Play Store
  3. Restore notes from the backup

Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version is not fully tested production version, therefore it may have some issues or bugs. If you face any problem, or have any questions please contact us.

ATTENTION! If you installed Preview Version from the above download link, please update to Preview Version 2 using following download package. Otherwise you may have troubles installing Memability 1.4.0 which will be released in few days. If you didn’t install Preview Version – don’t. Just use Preview Version 2 to avoid incompatibility issue with Memability 1.4.0

Update instructions:

  1. Before update, make sure you unprotected all notes – there should be no notes left that have a little shield on the left side.
  2. If you are using Sync with Google Tasks, please make sure everything is synced
  3. Make a backup of your notes
  4. Uninstall Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version
  5. Install Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version 2 from apk file
  6. Restore your notes from the backup

After that you may continue using Memability – Memability 1.4.0 Preview Version 2 is fully compatible with Memability 1.4.0 that will be released in just few days

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Have a single purpose focus

Eric SchmidtOne thing many successful entrepreneurs have in common is the ability to focus on what matters most. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, says, “I keep things focused. The speech I give every day is: ‘This is what we do. Is what we are doing consistent with that, and can it change the world?'” Jason Goldberg, CEO of, has this piece of advice: “Pick one thing and do that one thing—and only that one thing—better than anyone else ever could.” We can derive a great deal of power from developing a laser focus on our top business priorities. It’s one of the attributes that sets apart the average businessperson from the more successful one.

Original here

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Why go premium?

Why should I buy Premium Status? Free Memability is a feature rich and complete application that has everything I need…

The first and most important reason is, of course, that you may want to support our project. 100% of profit is reinvested back. This means that by purchasing Premium status you, in fact, supporting further development of Memability. You are supporting implementation of new features and improvement of existing functionality. You are investing in better stability, look and feel and performance of our application and in better client support. You are making it possible for us to start working on Memability 4All – Web-based application allowing to access your notes from the browser (it will replace Google Tasks) and may be even Memability for iOS and Windows.
Think about it. Future of Membility is in your hands… Right now almost 40% of users purchase Premium status – join them and as a token of our appreciation get access to following Premium features:

  1. Security features. Memability offers a set of security features of different caliber and can protect: access to the app itself, individual notes, backups. For more details about security features, please read this article.
  2. Instant note Sync. This option is described in more details here. When enabled, it ensures that all changes that you make are automatically synchronised (saved) to Google Tasks as you make them. You simply must use it if you really care about safety and integrity of your notes.
  3. Auto-open notes. This option is enabled by default and it controls what action will be performed when you tap on a note in the list. If enabled, it will automatically open note details when a note doesn’t have any sub-notes – I believe it makes sense as for a note that has sub-notes the chances are good that important information is in those sub-notes but when there aren’t any, than you probably want to see note details instead. When this option is disabled, application will not open note’s details automatically, so if you want to see it you will have to “slide it out” (I guess those of you who want to feel better control over the navigation – may consider disabling it). This option is important for phones as you will see the difference that it makes only when note details panel is “slidable” – keep reading for more details.
  4. Show note details. If you have a large number of short notes, you may consider enabling this option. Show note details
    It will make Memability display note details (as much as fits into a single line of text) right in the list, so in some cases you won’t have to open note at all. Definitely a time saver!
  5. Actionbar and background colour. These settings have mostly aesthetic impact. If you use Memability every day and got tired with its default colour scheme, you have plenty combinations to choose from (7 colours for every day of the week + 6 extra colours independently for actionbar and background). Colour themes
    Additionally you may choose “random” option to randomly select a new colour every day. And finally, my favourite option “by day”. When selected, it will associate specific colour to every day of the week (this is why some of the colours have week day names). The close you get to Sunday – the warmer colours are.
  6. List item height. Because Memability can run on so many types of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions it has to adjust its elements to your specific device. List item height
    However, some people may find larger or smaller elements more comfortable. This is why we allow our premium users to finely tune list element size (text size adjusted accordingly). Choose whether to have bigger elements or to have more elements on the screen. Available range is 25 – 80 units.
  7. Show levels up. Normally, Memability shows 2 elements up the hierarchy, which is the minimum requited to be able to navigate up and down and properly see the structure. Show levels up
    However, if you have many levels of sub-notes you may need to see more levels at the same time. If you are a Premium user – no problem – just select how many levels up you want to see (valid range is 2 – 7).
  8. List and Details panel width. Combination of list and details panel settings allows to distribute screen space (in portrait orientation only) between these two. Additionally it determines whether the layout is Fixed or Slidable. When List panel width is set to Small or Medium, layout is Fixed. For all other values layout is Slidable. Slidable layout means that you can slide Details panel out if you want to see  more details of the selected note or start editing it. Fixed layout is a default layout for tablets and Slidable – for phones, however we decided to make it configurable, so you could choose which one to use and what proportions suit you better.
    Layout types
    When layout is slidable, you can choose the size of Details panel too. You can either make it use full width of the screen – which lets you focus entirely on your current note or you can make it smaller, so there will be some gap on the left size.
    Slidable details panel
    In this gap you can see part of the List panel which makes navigation in the hierarchy easier and faster.
  9. Details text size. This option is quite self-descriptive. Details text size
    It controls note details font size (valid range is 8 – 28).
  10. No Ads. And last but not least – No Ads will be ever shown to our Premium users.
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