Memability Cloud improvements

Memability Cloud – our Web-based hierarchical notepad service just keeps getting better. It received massive improvement update on 10 March 2015.

The most important and noticeable change – is a note details panel redesign. Instead of displaying a single note as it did before, now it displays the entire sub-hierarchy of the selected note (1). It offers more comfortable information browsing and management, additionally enabling a large set of smaller improvements that I want to describe in more details. Details panel looks very simplistic, displaying sub-hierarchy of notes in bullet-point manner. It designed this way to minimise distraction and let users focus on the data, not the interface.

To see more detailed information about particular note or get access to note-related actions, just move mouse over that note to highlight it. Highlighted note displayed with light blue border (2). On top of the highlighted note you will see information panel and on the bottom – action panel with buttons (2).

New user interface allows alternative navigation method. Previously, the only way to navigate was using tree navigation panel on the left side. Now you can additionally use breadcrumbs panel on top to go up the hierarchy and you can click on a note title to go down the hierarchy (3).  Also, to make it easier to spot notes on both left and right panels, highlighting of the notes is synchronised on both panels (4).


Organising hierarchies, moving notes around has become easier as well. Previously, you could only drag notes within tree navigation panel which was not easy if you had many notes in single parent note. Now you can additionally drag notes from right panel to the left (5). Notes are draggable by icon. The idea is to select sub-hierarchy that you want to drag your note from, then scroll left tree panel to the place you want to move your note to, and finally, perform the drag-and-drop from right to the left panel.


For the secure (protected) notes a unique feature has been developed. Initially, when secure notes are locked, a user can only see titles. After user successfully entered a password and unlocked notes, secure notes text is shown blurred. To see the clear text, a user needs to point a mouse to that note (6). Once mouse pointer is out of the note, the text will be blurred again. This feature helps to keep your notes protected in busy environment, when there are people around. On the other hand it doesn’t make working with protected notes any harder for you.


And finally, creating new notes. Previously, it was hard to create new notes in the middle of the list. You had to create a note at the top of the list, and then move it to the destination position – too hard. Now, you can easily create a new note right where you want it to be. Just select one of the available options (7).


I hope you will love the new Memability Cloud interface.

Looking forward to getting your feedback.

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