Security features introduced to Memability Cloud


Memability Cloud – our web service for syncing Memability notes and accessing them through the browser just got better.

Now it supports “protected” notes. It’s the same highly secure end-to-end encryption functionality right in your browser, and it’s FREE for all users!

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2 comments on “Security features introduced to Memability Cloud
  1. Rob Cashin says:

    Hey there. I LOVE this app. I’ve used TreePad (Lite) for many many years on Windows because of its elegant simplicity, but now that I have a smartphone I want to be able to access my data offline and then re-sync. Unfortunately it’s awkward to do with TreePad.

    Memability is pretty much the closest thing I’ve seen to what I want. It is an excellent app.

    However, I think there is a fairly serious bug in the cloud service. I’ll describe it here, but I also made a a short .swf video to help clarify my description. I can send that along also if you can`t reproduce the behaviour I describe below:

    I select NODE AAA and change its contents. If I do NOT press the SAVE button, and then instead click on another node (say NODE BBB), then the title and modified content of NODE AAA will overwrite that of NODE BBB. NODE AAA does NOT retain the modifications.

    (I’m using Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.99 m. I haven’t checked it on any other browser yet)

    Thanks! Good luck.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi Rob,
      Thank you for detailed description of the bug. It should be fixed now.
      Just hit “Refresh” button in your browser while on Memability Cloud page.
      Please, contact me if you have any more ideas, questions or bug reports.

      Thank you for using Memability Cloud.


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