How to install and why different versions?

To install specific version of Memability, please make sure that you have option “Unknown sources” enabled on your phone (Settings / Security).

Download apk file on your phone or tablet and execute this file.
If you have newer version of Memability already installed on your phone, you will have to uninsall it first. You cannot simply install older version over newer one.

Our project is in active development phase which means that we make changes to interface, to the way it works or to system requirements of our application.
Sometimes some of the users are not quite happy with the changes we make, they want the old application back. Unfortunatelly, Google Play Store doesn’t allow choosing which version of application to install. It simply offers the latest compatible with your device. To make our users a bit more freedom, we decided to make some key versions of Memability available for download from our site. These versions are:

0.9.9 – This version has old, tab-based user interface. It supports older Android versions (2.3)
1.4.1 – This is the last version of Memability that works on Android 2.3
1.5.4 – This is the last version of Memability that syncs with Google Tasks (instead of Memability Cloud)
1.6.6 – This is the latest released version of Memability

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