How to backup without “backup” option?

Starting from version 1.6.0 Memability has no separate Backup / Restore options. It was removed to simplify applicaiton and make room for new features and enhancements. However it sounds like Memability has lost some functionality, it’s not quite true. There are 2 options available that let you ensure safety of your notes.

Recommended way is to enable sync with Memability Cloud. It will keep your notes constantly backed up on our secure servers. Also, this approach allows syncing between multiple devices and accessing notes from your PC or Mac (through the browser). At the moment, web interface has only basic features for creating and managing notes, but we will keep improving and enhansing it.

If for some reason you don’t want to use previous option, you can use a combination of Export / Import functions for creating local backups.

Warning! In this scenario notes will be stored in plain text format, so anyone who has access to the backup file will be able to read your notes (except protected encrypted notes – they are always safe).

Here is what you can do.
First of all, select notes that you want to export (all sub-notes will be included automatically). To export all notes, go to Home note and select all its sub-notes by pressing and holding Home note for about a second.


Then press Pocket button in right bottom corner and select Share X notes option.


You will be given a chance to select destination application for your notes. Select some application (you may use Google Drive, GMail, Dropbox or similar).


After operation completes you should be able to see file containing your notes. You may leave it where it is or move elsewhere, it’s up to you.


In order to restore notes from the file, just open the application you exported notes to, tap on the file


and select Memability as a destination.


After import completes, notes will appear in /Inbox folder

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7 comments on “How to backup without “backup” option?
  1. nujucobian says:

    no, I am using android app.
    What I meant was I was sharing a webpage from an android browser (UC Browser) to your app.
    My steps were:
    – install UC Browser from playstore
    – open a website
    – tap share button in the browser navigation bar
    – in the apps popup list, choose +Memability
    – Memability app will show up with a new note under inbox
    – App will start syncing, your notice the progress bar
    – toast notification would show “sync failed”

    Doing the above steps but using other browser, syncing would go well.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Thank you for the most detailed description.
      I will try to repeat and then resolve the issue.
      Does the sync remain broken afterwards?

      • nujucobian says:

        sorry for late reply, forgot to check

        yes even after i deleted the note that was shared from UC Browser sync would always failed.
        The only solution i tried was wiping data

        Oh and after the last update (or last two, i forgot), sharing using UC Browser would result a large note with unreadable text

  2. nujucobiann says:

    is this the right place or is there any forum for this product?
    So here’s my problem,
    In my inbox i put a lot of shared page from my browser
    and since i no longer see “syncing progress bar” under app header, I assume it is synced plus it is clearly stated in the notes bottom part that it was synced
    All are intended behaviour
    One time i restored my other ROM with this app in it which probably has an old data and then when i opened the app my “Inbox” were less than what i synced before, so i thought probabably it was still syncing but when i opened it was the same.
    My conclusion was my notes were gone.
    My suggestions:
    – Add history feature
    – Focus on cloud/multiplatform, because this app will replace (at least for me) ZimWiki(Linux/Windows), OneNote (Windows), Google Keep (Android/Browsers) (I am currently using them all)

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear nujucobiann,
      When you login to Memability Cloud using browser, can you see those missing notes?
      Could you explain in more details, please, what you mean by “History feature”?

      • nujucobian says:

        After thorough investigation it was a problem caused by using share feature on UC Browser For Android, tried using Puffin Browser was smooth sync.
        Using UC Browser, it was always showing sync failed toast notification.
        I hope you can look into this matter.

        For history feature, i am thinking more like dropbox where you can see previous version of a note, but it is really not important anymore because i totally forgot there is trash bin

        • Andrey Chausenko says:

          Hi nujucobiann,
          Are you using Memability Cloud (in the browser) on your Android device? I actually never even tested it on Android.
          Why not Memability Android app?
          The idea was that on Android the Memability app is used and on PC or Mac Memability Cloud is used through the browser.

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