Memability cloud launched in preview mode


We are inviting you to join testing of our new online service – Memability Cloud

Please, note: it is a preview version only. It’s not fully functional at the moment and may have some glitches and bugs. Any suggestions, questions, ideas and bug reports are welcome.

This service is in active development phase, which means it will be updated daily. Come back more often to see the latest and greatest.

Also, at the moment our Memability for Android doesn’t sync with this service. This integration will be added in the next version of Memability for Android.

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6 comments on “Memability cloud launched in preview mode
  1. Manuel Rizo-Patron Recavarrem says:

    It was Synching very fine untill monday 1 Dicember 2014. It was being done with my SONY XPERIA.

    I will appreciate your help to be able to Sync again.



    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Manuel,
      Which version of app are you using?
      Are you getting any error messages?
      Please send me as much details as possible to [email protected], so we can resolve it quickly.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Franklin Reith says:

    CLOUD seems great Andrey but how do I access it from my PC because that is where most of my typing is done!
    Best Wishes

  3. John Lewis says:

    Hello Andrey.

    Just heard about the new Memability web interface!! Sounds VERY exciting! I took a look at the site and the interface is very nice. Hope there will be a bigger text box for reading our notes?! You have done a fantastic job with the Android app so I am sure the web interface will be of the same high quality when it is ready to launch! If I can assist you in any way (with testing etc)please let me know.

    Memability is the only app I use for all my productivity and note taking. I use it for my business, ministry, seminary, contacts, tasks etc!! It is my favorite and most used app on my phone!

    Blessings to you my friend!

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you! Feedback like this is what inspires me the most and keeps me going.
      The web interface will be quite basic at the beginning but functional. It will be improved and enhanced in the future.

      In order to support Memability Cloud I have to completely rewrite the entire Memability (which I am doing right now). It’s probably 70% done. It will not change much externally (how it looks and behaves) but everything inside is redesigned.

      There will be a lot of testing work once it’s ready. If you are interested, I can send you a new Memability for testing once it’s ready (before it’s released).


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