Update, April 2014


A little update about where we are heading.

New version of Memability (1.5.0) will be released in just few days. It has some user interface improvements and, most importantly, dedicated Premium page which offers Free trial and Purchase options for our premium features. We hope it will help you to understand what the premium features are before you bought them.

Also, premium features are now sold separately which will give you more flexibility (there’s still one super-product that includes all features).

Now, this news may upset some of the users, but after careful consideration we decided to stop supporting earlier versions of Android. Starting from Memability 1.5.0 we only support Android 4+ (API 14+). This step is required to simplify and streamline our development and testing processes. Earlier versions of Memability (compatible with Android 2.3) will still be available for download from this site.

Our next step will be to replace Google Tasks with our own online service that will have more suitable interface and will allow us to implement all those features you are asking for: rich text editing, tags, alarm and task completion support, attachments and a lot more.

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