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securityIn this digital age the importance of information is hard to overestimate. Security of information, however, is even more important. I could write a long article describing all the bad things that could happen if some dodgy person got to your private information (for example to your notes), but I have more important things to do. Therefore, I will leave it to your imagination and instead, I will explain how Memability with its advanced security features (that have been added in version 1.4) can help you prevent this sort of situation.

What Memability can do to keep you safe?
Once security features are enabled on Settings page (1),

Enabling security features

1 – Enabling security features

Memability will protect your notes by doing 3 things.

1. Ask for a password when Memability starts

This is an optional function and it has to be enabled on Settings page (2) on the screenshot above. When it’s enabled it will ask you to unlock your notes (enter your password) when Memability starts.

Unlock on startup

2 – Unlock on startup

With this feature you can prevent anyone who took your phone from looking into any of your notes. However this feature alone does not guarantee 100% safety of your information. If you lost your phone or it’s stolen, a skilful hacker can extract some useful information from the apps on your phone (including Memability). It will take time and certain knowledge, but it would be possible to read your unprotected notes without even knowing your password. Therefore, we recommend combining this method with the next one

2. Protect your selected notes

This feature works on the note level.

Protect notes

3 – Protect notes

Obviously, not all of your notes need protection. Your shopping list, most probably, will not interest anyone but your credit card or bank details or passwords may. Therefore we recommend only apply this option to the important sensitive information that you don’t want anyone else to read. To protect a note (and all it’s sub-notes)  simply press on a little shield button (1) on the note panel. Once note is protected, it’s marked with little shield icon on the left side (2).

When note is protected, its content stored in encrypted form which no one but a person who knows the password can decrypt (and read). Because we use AES 256 algorithm which was approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information protection, this form of protection is 100% safe. You can rely on it. Internally in our application we don’t store your password for any period of time and we don’t pass it to any other services or applications which makes it impossible for anyone to intercept or read, restore or reset. Including you. If you loose or forget your password – you loose your protected notes. Be careful not to.

When note is protected it stays encrypted all the time no matter whether it’s stored in local database, in your backup or (if you use sync with Google Tasks) on third-party servers.

3. Protect your backups

This feature works silently in the background. You may not even notice it but it’s there. Taking care of your security. When security is enabled, all new backups you make are encrypted too. To indicate that we display the same shield icon (1) next to it.

Secure backup

4 – Secure backup

If icon is there – this backup is secure. If not – you better delete it as it’s a serious security breach. We recommend that you only keep secure backups from now on (the ones that have a little shield icon).

While choosing your security strategy, you may combine both features to get the highest level of protection. Or you may choose second option alone and you will only have to provide the password when accessing your protected notes.

How unlock works

Because Memability doesn’t store your password, while using security functions, you will be asked to unlock your notes. You will be asked to unlock your notes on startup (if you enabled this option in Settings) or when you are trying to access your protected notes or when you are making backups or restoring from a secure backup (remember? backup are secure from now on).

When you asked to unlock notes, you must specify your password and may select a period of time you want to unlock your notes for. For this period of time you will not be asked for your password again.

Unlock period

5 – Unlock period

Try to keep this unlock interval as short as possible. This way you will be safer.

Security tips

  • Choose password wisely. Remember – your protection is as good as your password is. Try to make it meaningful only to you and not obvious. Combine capital and small letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password – the better (we don’t allow passwords shorter than 6 characters). Don’t forget the password.
  • Protect sensitive notes. Every sensitive note has to have a shield icon on the left side.
  • Remove old (unprotected) backups
  • Don’t unlock your notes for longer than it’s required


  • You cannot change your password. At the moment this option is not available – one more reason to think carefully which password to choose
  • You cannot disable security. Once it’s enabled – it’s enabled. You can unprotect all your notes and disable Unlock on Startup option and it will almost be gone, but you will still have to use it when making backups or restoring from a backup.
  • In protected notes only note body (text) is encrypted. Note title is stored as plain text. Please keep your important information in the body. For example, on screenshot 3 above, Accounts is a title of the current note – it’s not encrypted. Everything else is encrypted and not visible.
  • Your protected notes can only be searched by title. Because text of your protected notes is stored in encrypted form, you cannot search using keywords located in encrypted part of a note. You can still search by the note title though.
  • You need to purchase Premium status to be able to use security features.

Well, this is all. Stay safe with Memability and don’t forget your password 🙂

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