Why go premium?

Why should I buy Premium Status? Free Memability is a feature rich and complete application that has everything I need…

The first and most important reason is, of course, that you may want to support our project. 100% of profit is reinvested back. This means that by purchasing Premium status you, in fact, supporting further development of Memability. You are supporting implementation of new features and improvement of existing functionality. You are investing in better stability, look and feel and performance of our application and in better client support. You are making it possible for us to start working on Memability 4All – Web-based application allowing to access your notes from the browser (it will replace Google Tasks) and may be even Memability for iOS and Windows.
Think about it. Future of Membility is in your hands… Right now almost 40% of users purchase Premium status – join them and as a token of our appreciation get access to following Premium features:

  1. Security features. Memability offers a set of security features of different caliber and can protect: access to the app itself, individual notes, backups. For more details about security features, please read this article.
  2. Instant note Sync. This option is described in more details here. When enabled, it ensures that all changes that you make are automatically synchronised (saved) to Google Tasks as you make them. You simply must use it if you really care about safety and integrity of your notes.
  3. Auto-open notes. This option is enabled by default and it controls what action will be performed when you tap on a note in the list. If enabled, it will automatically open note details when a note doesn’t have any sub-notes – I believe it makes sense as for a note that has sub-notes the chances are good that important information is in those sub-notes but when there aren’t any, than you probably want to see note details instead. When this option is disabled, application will not open note’s details automatically, so if you want to see it you will have to “slide it out” (I guess those of you who want to feel better control over the navigation – may consider disabling it). This option is important for phones as you will see the difference that it makes only when note details panel is “slidable” – keep reading for more details.
  4. Show note details. If you have a large number of short notes, you may consider enabling this option. Show note details
    It will make Memability display note details (as much as fits into a single line of text) right in the list, so in some cases you won’t have to open note at all. Definitely a time saver!
  5. Actionbar and background colour. These settings have mostly aesthetic impact. If you use Memability every day and got tired with its default colour scheme, you have plenty combinations to choose from (7 colours for every day of the week + 6 extra colours independently for actionbar and background). Colour themes
    Additionally you may choose “random” option to randomly select a new colour every day. And finally, my favourite option “by day”. When selected, it will associate specific colour to every day of the week (this is why some of the colours have week day names). The close you get to Sunday – the warmer colours are.
  6. List item height. Because Memability can run on so many types of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions it has to adjust its elements to your specific device. List item height
    However, some people may find larger or smaller elements more comfortable. This is why we allow our premium users to finely tune list element size (text size adjusted accordingly). Choose whether to have bigger elements or to have more elements on the screen. Available range is 25 – 80 units.
  7. Show levels up. Normally, Memability shows 2 elements up the hierarchy, which is the minimum requited to be able to navigate up and down and properly see the structure. Show levels up
    However, if you have many levels of sub-notes you may need to see more levels at the same time. If you are a Premium user – no problem – just select how many levels up you want to see (valid range is 2 – 7).
  8. List and Details panel width. Combination of list and details panel settings allows to distribute screen space (in portrait orientation only) between these two. Additionally it determines whether the layout is Fixed or Slidable. When List panel width is set to Small or Medium, layout is Fixed. For all other values layout is Slidable. Slidable layout means that you can slide Details panel out if you want to see  more details of the selected note or start editing it. Fixed layout is a default layout for tablets and Slidable – for phones, however we decided to make it configurable, so you could choose which one to use and what proportions suit you better.
    Layout types
    When layout is slidable, you can choose the size of Details panel too. You can either make it use full width of the screen – which lets you focus entirely on your current note or you can make it smaller, so there will be some gap on the left size.
    Slidable details panel
    In this gap you can see part of the List panel which makes navigation in the hierarchy easier and faster.
  9. Details text size. This option is quite self-descriptive. Details text size
    It controls note details font size (valid range is 8 – 28).
  10. No Ads. And last but not least – No Ads will be ever shown to our Premium users.
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21 comments on “Why go premium?
  1. Виталий says:

    Программа замечательная, для меня – просто СУПЕР!
    Но с тех пор, как пошла синхронизация в “облако” у меня вообще перестала синхронизироваться… Что я только не делал – и переустанавливал программу (у меня Премиум), пытался синхронизировать с других гаджетов – бесполезно! Заходит в аккаунт li.ru, видит, в задачах много папок своих, но дальше ничего не происходит. На смартфоне пустые папки… Помогите!

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Здравствуйте, Виталий.
      Давайте попробуем решить проблемы с синхронизацией…
      Я не совсем понял что такое аккаунт li.ru. Синхронизация с облаком предполагает использование аккаунта в gmail…
      Пришлите мне более детальное описание проблемы на [email protected] если можно, со скриншотом.

      С уважением,

  2. Michael Williams says:

    Last email should have asked “how to disable security”?

    Removed encryption from all items, but cannot clear the “security” check mark.


    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Yes, it’s not possible to disable security completely once it’s enabled. However, in your case (from email) removing encryption for all items is enough.

  3. Michael Williams says:

    Checking out the trial verios.

    Once “sync” was setup, the check on “sync” cannot be cleared!

    How to delete the password and then change it to something else?

    How to unlock notes “forever”?

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Once “sync” was setup, the check on “sync” cannot be cleared!

      Yes, this feature cannot be disabled at the moment – will be available in the future.

      How to delete the password and then change it to something else?

      Not possible either. There is a technical difficulty with this – will be available soon.

      How to unlock notes “forever”?

      That would be dangerous. Having notes unlocked “forever” is basically the same as having no security at all.

  4. D Pat says:

    Based on the statements here, I am likely to go premium after giving the free a run today.

    Secondly, If this works for me, I hope as you go into your web-based service, I will still be able to use memability.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      This post is a little outdated.
      Version 1.5.0 that was released a few days ago has a free trial options for Premium features.
      From now on, our users can see exactly what we have to offer before buying it.
      What about web-based service, it will be fully integrated with Memability and will have all the necessary features plus a lot more.

      Kind Regards,

  5. tomasq37 says:

    Me parece muy buena la aplicacacion. Yo le agregaria Codigo de bloqueo que uno pueda hacerle respaldo en una PC y que las paginas puedan usarse en dorma separada o individual

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Tomas,
      If I understand correctly, you are asking how you can access your notes from PC.
      You can either use sync with Google Tasks and access your notes through Google Mail or Google Calendar interface (in the browser).
      As another option, you can export (share) notes from Memability and either send them by email (to yourself or anybody else) or use some service like Dropbox.

      Kind Regards,

  6. Toby says:

    Can you apply custom settings for individual notes?

    Specifically, I want to:

    * apply the “Show Note Details” to only selected notes.
    * have certain notes open up in full screen mode, while others partially slide out with the hierarchy still visible.


    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Toby,
      It is not possible at the moment.
      Both “Show note details” and “list & details panel width” are system-wide options that equally affect all notes.

      Kind Regards,

  7. Rob Clucas says:

    I would go premium in a heartbeat if Memability could manage other named google task lists on my account. An upcoming feature?

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Rob,
      We are going to replace Google Tasks with our own online service that will better serve our (and our users’ needs).
      We want it to support attachments, rich text editing, tags and more.

      Kind Regards,

  8. Alex Delgado says:

    How much does Memability Premium cost? And how can I buy it?

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Alex,
      It costs approximately $3 (depends on your local currency).
      You can buy it within the app on Settings page – you will see the exact price.

      Kind Regards,

      • Alex Delgado says:

        I have already bought Memability. No regrets at all! Fantastic app! It’s just what I was looking for a long time ago. It’s a great idea to sync via Google Tasks, although I’d rather a stand alone clinet which can work offline on Windows, and give me more features than Google, like copy-paste trees, RTF, export-import, etc…

        I’d like to post a couple of suggestions more: Is it possible to make Notes Tree show more than one line of details in each note? And is it possible to set style and color for fonts (note title and body text)?…

        • Andrey Chausenko says:

          Dear Alex,
          Thank you for supporting our project and for your feedback.

          I am currently working on implementing our own online service that will replace Google Tasks. It will be a Web service accessible with the browser and will offer a lot more features than Google Tasks.

          We are not planning to create any offline tools neither for Windows nor for any other desktop OS due to the limited resources (however this may change in the future).

          Font color and style will be added to our Android application in the future.

  9. Randy says:

    If photo, video and sound are supported, it will be perfect.

  10. Lawrence says:

    Did you really mean: “Free Memability is a feature reach and complete application…”? or were you thinking “…feature rich and complete…”?

    Just curious, it might save some miss understandings. Unless I’ve been miss understanding what you wrote…;-)

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