Syncing with Google Tasks

Sync with Google Tasks
Why syncing with Google Tasks is a good idea?

There are several reasons for that.

  1. If you have more than one device running Android (and Memability), you can synchronise your notes between them, so that you have the same content on all of them. For example, you started working on some article or a blog post or your shopping list on your tablet at home, then you went out and after a few minutes got a brilliant idea which you want to add to your article. No problem, you probably have your phone with you any way. Just open Memability and continue working. This way you can use literally every free minute to make your goal a little bit closer. This way you can capture your every idea and nothing will get lost or forgotten.
  2. You can access, create and modify your notes on any computer (using GMail or Google Calendar). Sometimes you need to create a note that is longer than normal 10-20 words. No problem – just open your GMail account in the browser and type it in Google Tasks. Sync works both ways, so everything created or modified in Google Tasks will magically appear in Memability. Good chance is that you will create that note 10 times faster than you would on your phone. Take the best from your computer (that allows faster typing) and your phone (which you carry with you all the time).
  3. You automatically get all your notes backed up as they created or modified. Forget about backups. If you enabled syncing to GT your notes are already backed up (I recommend enabling Instant Sync option – keep reading for more details on that).

Ok, it sounds like a great feature. What do I need to do and how it works?

To start syncing, first make sure that you have reliable Internet connection (Wi-Fi is preferable), then open side menu and choose “Sync” action (1). In Google Tasks Setup dialog confirm (2) that you want to start syncing.

Sync steps 1 and 2

At this point you may be asked to select which Google Account to use for syncing (3) (only if you have more than one account configured on your Android device). Then you will be asked to allow Memability to manage your tasks. Tap Allow access button if you want to proceed (4).

Sync steps 3 and 4

When initial sync completes, all your notes are stored as tasks in Google Tasks service. Please, note that Memability creates tasklist Memability (5) and only syncs with this tasklist. All notes (tasks) located in other tasklists will not affect or be affected by Memability.

Tasklist Memability in Google Tasks

After initial sync completed, you may use Memability like you normally do and when you want your notes to be synced to GT just use Sync action on the side menu (1).

006-enHowever, a proper way would be to enable Instant sync option (6) on Settings page. When enabled, it will make Memability to sync automatically after every change you make. This way you can always be sure that all your changes are saved and propagated to all your devices.

Please note, that Instant sync is a Premium feature that is only available to users who purchased Premium status.

A bit more details: When syncing, Memability checks all recently changed notes one by one and compares them to the corresponding notes in Google Tasks. If local note was changed after last change in Google Tasks, your local changes will be saved to Google Tasks, otherwise, changes from GT will be applied to your local note. This algorithm is quite complex because notes are connected to each other, therefore it’s always safer to sync in small batches (more often). Ideally, after every change.

In the future, Google Tasks will be replaced with our own dedicated cloud service which will provide better user experience for both Memability and web-based interface.

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5 comments on “Syncing with Google Tasks
  1. Colin Todd says:

    I dont use google task because i do not use a desktop much. Also i am not so fond of google. If the data Symphony sync is half as good as the ap then you will have aa winner.

  2. Chuck Decker says:

    There see several apps that I know of that provide secure, outlining such as your product, and they do not use a cloud or Google. But they each have shortcomings. Please take the opportunity to move to the front of the pack by syncing via Wi-Fi with the PC.

    • Andrey Chausenko says:

      Dear Chuck,
      Thank you for the feedback.

      You shouldn’t worry about our new syncing solution as it will not requite your phone to be always online.
      While offline you will be able to work with your notes. Once you connected to Wi-Fi it will synchronise automatically.

      Also, sync option is not mandatory at all. If you want you can keep it off.

      Generally speaking, our new sync/backup solution will be an improved version of Google Tasks. It will support rich text editing, tags, attachments and it will save bandwidth!

      Kind Regards,

  3. Chuck Decker says:

    I was excited to see that you had a synch feature; that is until I read further and discovered that you intend to use the cloud. That is a”deal breaker”for us. We are looking for Wi-Fi syncing only. We are determined to avoid the use of, and cost of data charges. Any cloud-based solution naturally includes more cost. On the other hand, if you can provide both cloud AND desktop Wi-Fi synchronization, then GREAT!
    Thank you sincerely,

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