Moving a note

How to move a note in Memability?

There are two ways to move a note.

Move note - simple

Moving a note within the same hierarchy

1. Move a note within the same hierarchy
Moving a note within the same hierarchy is basically changing its position. It’s normally used to prioritise tasks. The higher the task – the more important or urgent it is. This way, working on tasks you are moving from top to bottom of the list. Position in the list is the most natural and convenient way to define task priority. Unlike using gradation like “low, medium, high” or “1-5 stars”, you don’t end up with bunch of tasks with the same priority when you don’t know what to do next. Every single task/note should have its place and its unique priority.

To start moving, long press a note that you want to move (1). Then drag it (2) to the desired location. If you want to drag your note far up or down to the position which is not currently visible, just move it in the that direction, once it’s close to the edge of the list, it will start scrolling automatically. Keep holding your note until it reaches desired location and then just release it to complete the action.

2. Move a note to another place in hierarchy
Second way is to move a note to some other place in hierarchy. It’s normally used when you want to organize your notes, tasks or ideas, give them proper structure. For example, you are planning your holiday. First you created a note “Summer holiday” and put under that note bunch of other notes describing what you would like to do in those 2 weeks. Then you realised that 14 days may be not enough to visit all those places (if you don’t plan your activities for every day separate). What you can do, is create notes “Day 1” to “Day 14” under your “Summer holiday” note and move activities from under “Summer holiday” to separate day-based notes. This way you can plan your activities more effectively and have more fun at the end :).
Another example. You have a number of tasks under “To-do” note. As you complete a task from the list, you can just delete it, so your “To-do” list will always contain only pending tasks. However, a better alternative would be to create a special note “Done” under “To-do” and just move task-related notes under “Done” as you complete them. This way you would still have only pending tasks under “To-do” (except “Done” of course) but additionally, you would have your entire history saved under “Done” note. Not only you would have all completed notes saved, but also you would save the order in which those tasks were completed (when a note is moved to another hierarchy it appears at the top, so you have your notes sorted from newest to oldest). In the future, if you have to do similar set of tasks, this information could be very useful. May be you would even reuse those notes. Just move them back from under “Done” to “To-do” and you will have the entire list restored. Simple and elegant.

Moving a note to another place in hierarchy

Moving a note to another place in hierarchy

To move notes to another place in hierarchy you need to select them first. To start selecting notes, long press on the note you want to select and then release it without moving. This will enable selection mode. In this mode you can select as many notes as you want (1). While in selection mode, you can still navigate the normal way, which means, you can select notes in different places in hierarchy. Once you selected the notes you want to move, navigate to the place in hierarchy you want to place your notes to (2) and press “Selected notes” button (3). Then from popup menu select “Paste 3 notes” (4). All done! The notes you moved will appear at the top of the list.

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