In DataSymphony we believe that there’s still a lot can be done to improve user interfaces and, more generally, user experience of many, even most basic, software products.

We believe that applications should be intuitive, user friendly and should consist of as few interface elements as possible.

We believe in cloud, mobile and web applications because these technologies allow us to do amazing things, allow us to be more productive and creative.

We are starting our blog to tell the world about our products, our findings, our ideas, our doubts, about successes and failures during our journey towards our big goal to help people to truly own the information.

Owning the information, as we understand it, is the ability to:

  1. Capture any type of data quickly and with the least effort
  2. Store the data reliably and secure
  3. Access the data safely from anywhere, anytime
  4. Search and filter keep in focus exactly whats required at this moment
  5. Analyse make the most use of the data you have

We are starting our blog to discuss everything what interests us and we want to hear back from you.
Tell us if you share our point of view.
Tell us if you disagree.

We want to know what you really think. Because we care.

Sincerely yours,
Andrey Chausenko,
Founder of DataSymphony

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